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Label, Maurodos San Román

Label, Maurodos “San Román”, a personal favorite.

What to Expect from Toro
Wines from Toro are powerful, ripe red wines with plenty of flavor, tannins and generous alcohol levels; made from Tinta de Toro, a local clone of Tempranillo. Stylistically, they vary from young, full and fruity with moderate oak aging to full-bore international style wines with deep, concentrated fruit flavors and lots of new oak aging.

What to Look For in Better Toro Wines
Because the region is very hot, finding good ripeness is not normally an issue. What is more of a challenge is finding wines with good acidity to add lift and freshness. The better wines also moderate the ample ripeness, tannins, barrel aging and alcohol typical of the region to create an overall good balance of elements. The very best wines will also show distinctive personality, higher polish and often complex chalk, mineral or tar notes under their core of dark fruit flavors. Top recent vintages include 2004, 2005, 2009 and 2010.

About the Recommendations
The following wines are recommended for their overall quality compared to similar wines from elsewhere in the world. However, as always, they may or may not suit your personal taste. Those in the Entry Level and Mid-Priced categories offer a good quality to price ratio, while calculating value among the High End wines is more subjective, depending on your personal taste and budget. Wines marked with a “+” are personal favorites in the category. *

The Recommendations:

Numanthia "Termes" Label.

Numanthia “Termes”.

Entry Level
Fariña “Dama de Toro Barrel Aged Tempranillo” 2010; SRP $11.99
Bajoz Crianza 2010; SRP $12.99
Cyan Tinta de Toro 2010; SRP $15.99
Estancia Piedra “Piedra Azul” 2011; SRP $19.99
+Frutos Villar “Muruve” Reserva 2008; SRP $19.99
Rejadorada “Roble” 2011; SRP $19.99

Mid Priced
Valduero “Esencia Roble” 2010; SRP $21.99
Abanico “Eternum Viti” 2009; SRP $21.99
Maurodos “Prim’a” 2010; SRP $23.99
Rejadorada “Temple” 2009; SRP $26.99
+Numanthia “Termes” 2009; SRP $29.99
Teso La Monja “Victorino” 2008; SRP $29.99
Telmo Rodriguez “Gago” 2009; SRP $30.99
Quinta Esencia “Sofros” 2010; $31.99
Lui & William Wines “Abelis Carthago William Selection” 2010; $36.99
Elias Mora Crianza 2009; SRP $39.99

High End
Estancia Piedra “Piedra Roja” 2008; SRP $47.99
+Maurodos “San Román” 2009; SRP $49.99
Pintia 2008; SRP $59.99
Elias Mora “Gran Elias Mora” 2009; SRP $84.99
Rejadorada “Bravo de Rejadorada” 2009; SRP $89.99
+Elias Mora “V2” Reserva 2007: SRP $114.99
Teso La Monja “Alabaster” 2009; SRP $199.99
Numanthia “Termanthia” 2009; SRP $205.99

* Recommendations are for wines in good condition. If you come across an example of one of these recommendations that does not seem of good quality, it was likely stored poorly, is suffering from cork taint or, especially for Entry Level wines, it may have been kept for some years beyond its optimum drinking window. Suggested Retail Price (SRP) is a general price guideline, usually provided by the producer or importer; or if not assigned within the range of prices available. Please note: the prices you may find for each wine can vary considerably, depending on where you shop.

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Disclosure: Although Spanish-Wine-Exclusives, the import company I co-founded, imports Spanish wine, it does not import or have any commercial relationship with any Toro wine.


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