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Underground Cellar $10,000 Winecation Giveaway

Yes, that’s right, a $10,000 USD trip for four to Sonoma wine country and they’re giving it away THIS MONTH *(April) to some lucky s.o.b in the States~! You have to get your name in this [...]

An Ode To The Humble Pot Roast

The lowliest cut of beef turned into the most succulent comfort food. I mean, what says comfort more than pot-roast? Immediately thoughts turn to Sunday evening meals; family is near, there’s good conversation amidst the bickering [...]

Vancouver International Wine Festival 2014 Live

Canada's premiere food and wine festival is up and running this week through Sunday. Kristof Gillese, Vino247 Contributing Editor, will be covering the festival and attending a mix of festival events on his live Twitter feed. [...]

Reviving Old Technology for Better Quality

One of the threads in today’s Spanish wine scene is the recovery of lost traditions. In Spain and elsewhere enterprising winemakers are re-discovering and exploring techniques that have been forgotten or abandoned as newer technologies have [...]

Brilliant Dining at L’Escaleta Near Alicante, Spain

One of the highlights of my trips to Spain in the last couple years was the discovery of L’Escaleta, nestled in a mountain valley setting in the small town of Cocentaina in the province of Valencia. [...]

The Mysteries of Fall Foliage and Spanish Grape Varietals

Many wine lovers have wondered if there is an easy way to tell one grapevine variety from another when visiting a vineyard. It would be fairly easy if we all had photographic memories and could remember [...]