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The highly technical craft of winemaking is about to enter popular culture with an engaging competitive reality TV series, BEST BOTTLE. Amateur, aspiring and established winemaker contestants will pit their skills against one another to make the best wine and win a $100,000 prize. Patterned after competitive reality hits like Project Runway, BEST BOTTLE will unveil the fascinating and hidden world of winemaking to general audiences—with all the pressure, personal drama and suspense that are staples of the genre.

Adding to the drama, contestants will be split into two groups, one making wine in Oregon and the other in California, setting the two regions against each other. The weather will be the big X factor that both groups will have to contend with and add to the suspense. It will give viewers an insider’s sense of the huge role mother nature plays in the wines they casually enjoy.

Each group of contestants will be guided by a successful and reputed professional winemaker as the process moves from grapes on the vine to bottling in the cellar. Celebrity judges will evaluate the contestants’ efforts, eliminating the poorer performers along the way. The producers are in talks with potential judges from the food and wine industry and celebrities that own wineries.

As the the field narrows down to one contestant per group the pressure will mount to win the $100K prize, and the opportunity to bottle one vintage under the Best Bottle label, complete with its own advertising campaign. The final say will be up to the judges and loyal viewers.

Sounds like a fun ride for all those interested in wine, or those who simply like drinking it.

However, the series is not here yet and is nearing the close of a Kickstarter camppaign to secure funding, ending August 16. Click here to view the Kickstarter campaign:

Best Bottle reality series title frame. Image: @2014 Gemini Digital Films

BEST BOTTLE reality series title frame. Image: @2014 Gemini Digital Films

Produced by Gemini Digital Films. For more information see their website:
Distributor: Mance Media.


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