We invite you to become an advertiser on Vino247. Our service reaches one of the most sought after audiences in the world, not just because they are an affluent group with high disposable income, but also because they are highly educated, love food, travel and sports, cross all adult age groups, and are very active on the web.

According to a study by Stonebridge Research and reported in Wine Business Monthly magazine, wine drinkers are the most accomplished and affluent demographic in the U.S.

  • Affluent – Three-quarters have household incomes over $75,000 per year, compared with less than a third of the general population.
  • Active – Two-thirds of wine consumers enjoy foreign travel, cultural events and sports. A majority participate in one or more sports like golf, skiing, tennis, sailing or jogging.
  • Educated – Nearly half have completed college, compared with about a third of the general population. And remarkably, another third have completed graduate school, while less than a fifth of the general population has done the same. A recent Gallup study found that these are the consumers most likely to practice “daily drinking” – otherwise known as wine with dinner!

These core wine consumers, who drink once a week or more, make up over half of all wine drinkers and according to the Wine Market Council are fairly evenly divided among age and gender.

  • Gender – Consist of almost an equal proportion of men and women.
  • Age – Again are almost evenly split between younger Millennial and Gen X groups, and the older Baby Boomer and more senior groups.

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