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The California Wine Legacy

Signorello, Stags’ Leap, White Rock… some of the most iconic names in the California/American wine industry. Now these wineries and many more are smoldering ruins, and in the wake of these fires a piece of our [...]

On Finding Wine in Beijing, Shanghai, HK and Singapore

Wine certainly wasn’t the driving force of my trip this past summer to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Food? Yes, definitely a big part with visions of laksa, won ton noodle soup, and Shaanxi [...]

Elite 2010 Napa Cabernets Previewed

Esteemed California wine blogger Alder Yarrow attended the 2012 Premiere Napa Valley auction where 2010 Napa Valley wines were previewed and the Napa Valley Vintners Association raised a total of $3.1 million, up 31% from 2011. [...]