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Visiting & Tasting Paso Robles, Part II: The Wineries

Continuing with Part II of our Visiting & Tasting Paso Robles series, The Wineries: Outside of Saxum and Tablas Creek, few Paso Robles’ wineries will be commonly known among wine circles. It’s still a region of [...]

On Finding Wine in Beijing, Shanghai, HK and Singapore

Wine certainly wasn’t the driving force of my trip this past summer to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Food? Yes, definitely a big part with visions of laksa, won ton noodle soup, and Shaanxi [...]

COS di Vittoria, Organic/Bio-dynamic Wines, Sicily

www.CosVittoria.it The first time I tasted the COS Vittoria wines, it was at a very large, very loud, very crowded industry-event. Hundreds upon hundreds of purchasers, sommeliers, writers, winemakers, merchants, etc were (by their nature) hawking their wares, [...]

Does the Moon Affect How Wine Tastes?

There has been an ongoing debate in some professional wine circles about the influence of the moon on how wine tastes. As the importance of organic and Biodynamic farming among wine producers has grown in recent [...]